Thursday 19th, Sunday 22nd July 2012 - HOP FARM, KENT.


Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th November 2010 - STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN.

Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th October 2010 - 'FACTS', GHENT.
17th & 18th May, '08 - Dutch Star Con - Tilberg, Holland  



With Gorden Kaye and Teodora    


29th & 30th March, '08 - Memorabilia - NEC Birmingham




Has cloning gone

too far...?

  Gary Slade          Rob Graham
1st & 2nd December '07 - Pirates Weekend  
 -  Acme Moviestore, Scheveningen - Den Haag, Holland
Special thanks to Vincent Slingerland of 'Kyoto Men' for the beautiful scarf!

Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th November '07
- Collector's Fair, Utrecht 2007.



the little Dutch girl with the big smile

8th-11th November '07
- Cornwall Film Festival, Falmouth U.K.

View the trailer

David's film
"The Resurrectionist"

winner Best Student Film 2007 at the Cornwall Film Festival


David Roden



Sunday 4th November '07 - Film Fair, Heerlen.
Sat/Sun 15th & 16th September - Midlands MCM Expo, Telford. 

Sunday 6th May '07 - Collectormania 11 - Milton Keynes, U.K.

Appearing with other members of the cast of 'Allo 'Allo!
12th March '07 - Blog Interview with Barry Beef

2nd-3rd December '06 - Collector's Fair - Utrecht.




Dave Prowse


Guy with Arthur Bostrom, Geoffrey Bayldon, Dave Prowse, Doug Bradley and Paul Weston.


11th/12th November  -  Dutch Star Con - Tilberg, Holland.

Great fun with old friends and fellow guests including John Rhys-Davies and Kenneth Colley.
With Bas Bonink of Bamar Productions who designed this smart new website.   With John Rhys-Davies and Gigi.
Raimond - one of the organizers of DSC.
A real gem. 
  With Lexy and Marielle.  

A kind fan, Arwen Grune brought this sketch to
Dutch Star Con. Thank you!


14th/15th October  -  F.A.C.T.S. Convention in Ghent, Belgium.

16th September  -  Fair in Hamburg, Germany.

12th/13th August  -  'Allo 'Allo! cast reunion at  "Memorabilia"  NEC Birmingham.

Present along with Guy were Sam Kelly (Hans), Richard Gibson (Herr Flick), Kim Hartman (Helga), Gorden Kaye (René), Arthur Bostrom (Crabtree), Kirsten Cooke (Michelle), Vicki Michelle (Yvette), John D. Collins (Fairfax) and Sue Hodge (Mimi).



This is André, who took time off from writing his dissertation to visit us at ‘Memorabilia’. He comes from Norway where the show is hugely popular. He made me laugh with some of the clichés he hears from the English: ‘So what’s the weather like in Stockholm then?”  Believe it or not, someone actually asked him: “So you come from Norway - do you by any chance know my friend Lars?” I despair.
This same Lars turned out to be André's next-door neighbour!

27th/28th May
-  Dutch Star Con, Tilberg.

5th May  - "Albert" TV show  -  Amsterdam