8th August 2006    "GEORGIE"   (15/8/1992 - 8/8/2006)

"And there shall come amongst them a cat of such great glory that all who see it will be sore amazed and marvel at its splendour".


Oct '09

Shooting 'Ironclad' in Wales


Dec 6 '08-

Panto "Dick Whittington"

The Hexagon Theatre, Reading

Jan 4 '09      

Dr. Who
This Summer Guy has worked as script editor on two 'Dr. Who' stories for the BBC,
both written by David Roden.


"The Story of Martha"  published by BBC Books will be available in the shops  
from Dec. 26th. The book comprises four short stories.
The first story, 'The Weeping', was written by David Roden and edited by Guy Siner.  
"...For a year, while the Master ruled over Earth, Martha Jones travelled the world telling people stories of adventures she had with the Doctor that we haven't heard about before. The stories that inspired and saved the world..."  
"The Nemonite Invasion" is an exclusive new audio adventure read by 
Catherine Tate. It will be in the shops early next year.  
The story is set in the Dover War Tunnels in May 1940 as Admiral Ramsay is about   
to launch 'Operation Dynamo'. Again Guy worked as editor on David Roden's story.  

Dr. Who fans - let us know what you think! Your feedback is always appreciated.


Summer '08      'See How They Run'

    Veterans' Week, Blackpool


On tour with the wonderful Frazer Hines
"Ten out of nine times" he gets the lines right.


Jim Baker, 'taking me prisoner' at right above, landed on Juno Beach at 7.25am on the morning of D-Day. He told me: "Those Canadian boys - they certainly knew how to die."
Lest we forget...

There was a dramatic fly past by a lone Spitfire.


April 25 '08

Another red-letter day as Plum's Page finally updated.  

April 19 '08


  A huge victory over Beaconsfield gave them the championship.  
  We have yet to see a single point scored against them.
  Next year they move up to the next league.
  Diana's father Pat Sowman would have been so proud.
  Another great day. Thanks and well done O's! See you all soon.
  Any comment, Plum? No. Oh well....

April 5 '08

Thanks again to Manny and the members of Olney RFC for  
  another warm welcome at the club.
  The O's had another brilliant victory - in this case over
  Long Buckby. Could it be that we bring the boys luck?  
  An interesting note: This fixture between Olney and
  Long Buckby is the oldest rugby fixture in the world.
  The teams first played each other in 1877.  

Oh and Plum... no hurry...



Mar 10 '08

A wonderful letter from an RAF Officer who served a tour   
  of duty in Helmand province, Afghanistan:  



"...Watching DVDs proved a popular method of escapism and Allo Allo was one of the favourites... Lt Gruber always got a laugh... As our time in country went on in-jokes developed, our armoured vehicles were invariably referred to as "little tanks". In sum, thank you very much for the smiles that you put on the faces of my lads; in arduous and testing conditions the ability to lift the spirits is priceless and you were able to do so on occasions too numerous to mention..."
  It is for me to thank you. It is a pleasure and a privelege  
  to have helped lighten the load in some small way.   
  To any member of our armed forces who may read this-  
  my gratitude and admiration.  

My own father Walter R. Siner flew with both the RAF and USAAF during WWII. I've always thought I should make a website for him.



Mar 10 '08

'Allo 'Allo! tv series sold to ProSiebenSat1 in Germany!


Good news - though a pity it is to be dubbed...


Jan 5 '08

A splendid day at Olney Rugby Football Club where Olney
  had an emphatic victory over Amersham.
  We were honoured guests at the club where Diana's father
  Pat Sowman was captain in the 1930's and had remained
  a supporter his whole life.
  Thanks to Manny Howkins and the members who made us

so welcome! We look forward to our next visit.




May 2007

'Allo 'Allo! stage show in Australia.


Thanks to Gail Wiltshire and all at the


Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane.





May 8 Print interview with Star Wars site 'The Bothan Spy'



Mar 22

"The Return of 'Allo 'Allo". One-off special.





Mar 3 '08

N.B. Re-scheduled...  

May 5 '08

and again...  

August '08

'Allo 'Allo! Series 6&7 - UK (Region 2)  *AT LAST*  


  If you are interested in joining the BBC mailing list to  receive advance new release announcements,  special fan discounts, programme promotions, product status updates and be able to place pre-release orders directly from the BBC with the chance to own a signed copy...  
  or write:  


Carolyn Bartholomew,
Room G512,
BBC Television Centre,
Wood Lane,
London, W12 7RJ







Jan 2007 -

'Allo 'Allo! Series 6 - USA (Region 1).




Dec 2006 -

Second half of Series 5 (Eps 14-26).

Nov 2006 -

'Allo 'Allo! Series 5 (Eps. 1-13).


DVD Cover
Series 6 USA


Oct 2006 -

"That's My Bush!" Comedy Central.


Many of you have asked about this. Now you know.  (Thanks to André for the heads-up!) It was a privelege and a pleasure to work on this show with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of 'South Park', and a real shame it was cancelled after just one series.